Full Day Shoot - $1600 + travel costs
1/2 Day Shoot - $900 + travel costs
1/4 Day Shoot - $500 + travel costs

Edits at $60 per image
Delivery in both full resolution and screen resolution JPEG format

Turnaround 7-10 business days
Express turaround fee (within 3 days) +$30 per image

For each extra party added to the invoice; 30% of the day rate ($480) is added on top and then the total is split between all parties.

For example, if you and one other interested party were to cost-share the shoot it would be:
$1600 (day rate) + $480 (30% for additional party) = $2080 ÷ 2 (cost-shared between two) = $1040

Cost sharing with 3 parties in total = $853 per party
Cost sharing with 4 parties in total = $760 per party
Cost sharing with 5 parties in total = $704 per party

You can use the images for your own website, social media, contest entries, internal use, emails, printed collateral. 

An editorial license is not included.
Editorial publications have budget for photography. For them to print a photographer’s images and sell them, they must come to the photographer for the license and pay their fee.